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When you live to climb, nothing will keep you from solving a problem – not even the loss of your dominant hand. At least that was the case for Jon Sedor, PWC founder and creator of The A.D.A.P.T Fund. Disappointed with the quality and accessibility of available prosthetic technology, Sedor took it upon himself to elevate the standard and drive advancement of athletic prosthetics. 


5% of every PWC purchase is placed into The A.D.A.P.T Fund and set-aside for biomedical and engineering students to research and develop new, innovative and more affordable prosthetic devices.


When he’s not climbing, he’s teaching. Sedor plays a vital role in his local community; sharing his thirst for life with his art students and adaptive clinic participants.




“The art is in his heart, not in his hand,” said Sedor’s operating surgeon, Dr. Brendan Patterson.

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