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Tiffany Hensley


Jon Sedor

Climber/Graphic Artist

Once an international competitor, Tiffany Hensley is now a professional rock climber-turned businesswoman who works in Mexico. Tiffany traveled in a Dodge Sprinter for one year to teach clinics and visit programs as a part of Project WallE, a project that now boosts rock climbing non-profits, and recently finished the Move Mountains Tour. She is on the Board of Directors for Climbing Borders in Monterrey, Mexico, where she works with a team to form sustainable, eco-conscious, and empowering micro-communities for at-risk youth. She is an Ambassador for Climb’N’Conquer, a youth outreach program in Vancouver, and the women’s climbing group Grrl’s On Rocks in Mexico. Tiffany works as Team Manager at Mad Rock Climbing.

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Jon realized as a sophomore in high school that he loves to climb and paint. However, in 2007 Jon lost his left hand (his dominant hand) in a serious accident. He has since relearned to draw and live as a right-handed person. Despite losing his hand only 8 years ago, Jon graduated from the School of Visual Arts with his MFA in 2014. He is also a professional amputee climber who is a nationally and internationally ranked competitor, and Jon regularly pushes his limits outside in multiple climbing areas. He hopes to be a leader in the climbing community by encouraging other athletes with physical differences to push their own limits and achieve their own goals. It’s important to Jon to give back to the communities that have given him meaning and healing in his life.

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Nathan Creswell

Climber/Area Developer/Filmer

Growing up in San Diego County Nathan was always fortunate enough to be able to experience the mountains, deserts, and ocean, all of which being no more than an hour away. This is where he began to hone his passion for the outdoors and natural world. After moving to Sacramento for school Nathan fell in love with the culture, sport and lifestyle of climbing. He immersed himself in everything climbing from current events, techniques, FA’s (first accents) and of course film. Shortly after he started working at a local climbing gym he began taking photos & videos of the climbing trips he and friends would go on. Nathan’s hope is to capture a glimpse into the world he lives in, from the High Sierra’s down to the desert tablelands of Bishop, CA. Bringing a little West Coast to the Collective. Adventure is out there!

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Dave Klar


Dave was 12 when he moved to a new town, near Youngstown, OH. Soon he made some friends that rode BMX and he eventually bought his own bike. Dave learned from his new friends how to ride BMX and soon he rode his bike everyday. As Dave grew older that passion for BMX transformed into a passion for riding motorcycles. Dave’s life changed forever when he was 25. He was riding his motorcycle when a drunk driver hit him off his bike. The accident resulted in Dave losing his left leg above his knee. This accident did not stop Dave from living his life to the fullest. Soon Dave showed up to an adaptive climbing clinic at Vertical Adventures in Columbus, OH. However, Dave truly started to love climbing when he was climbing Devil’s Tower on his 28th birthday. Dave’s unfortunate injury and climbing has taught him to never give up and to follow his passions. All that matters to Dave is that he gets to do what he loves, and he loves to climb!

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Zach Tanner

Climber/Area Developer

Climbing is one of Zach's greatest passions in life; he started climbing when he was 15 years old and has been obsessed ever since. Climbing has fueled his travels all over North America and beyond. New climbing opportunities in Cheat Canyon (near Morgantown, West Virginia) inspired him, his wife, and two dogs to move to the area from Kent, Ohio in 2018. Zach is the vice president of the Cheat Canyon Climber's Coalition and is promoting safe and sustainable development in this new area. He is excited to responsibly help develop the climbing in this area and help others discover their passion for the outdoors. 

Michael Kelliher

Climber/Rabble Rouser

Michael Kelliher was born and raised in Maryland around the Baltimore area. He is a proud East Coast miscreant. Mike is an Earth Treks gym rat turned outdoor rock fanatic (devotee?). The Gunks, Cooper’s Rock, and the Wizard Dave (Dave Graham) are early climbing influences. Mike mostly boulders these days – a proud sloper addict. Wet dreams and wetter palms over HP40 (Horse Pens 40, Alabama) and Font (Fontainebleau, France). Decent in the kitchen.

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