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The Pebble Wrestler Collective is a community of trailblazers who live for art, altruism, and a good adventure. More than just apparel and branding, the Pebble Wrestler Collective is an initiative inspiring to connect conscious folk across the globe. 


The Pebble Wrestler Collective started in 2015 as a form of rebellion from the exclusivity that founder, Jon Sedor, faced while studying in art school and climbing professionally. Today, the collective works beyond the scope of art and climbing to blur the lines of other industries, for every passion. Ultimately the goal has always been to create something that people can connect with and see themselves in.


Our mission is to unite a global community of creative minds, to connect every individual who’d rather be outdoors, and to create apparel that’s worthy of any adventure - big or small.


*The term, Pebble Wrestler, is a playful nickname for a climber that prefers bouldering to the other styles of climbing; however, this collective is for more than just boulderers. The name of the company is meant to be light and fun, just as climbing is for so many people around the world.*

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